About Moran...

Let’s go all the way back, when my tree days were simpler, spent in the backyard. Like most daring young boys, the prospect of refusing a thrill was preposterous (and growing up in Newark, there were no shortage of thrills)! 

But trees were short in supply. I was fortunate though, to have a large Weeping Willow and two Norway Maples steps away from my back porch. Up I went, leaping to the first branches, while my adrenaline brought me to the top. Unbeknownst to me, I would spend have my life (21 years and counting) scaling woody plants, for a living, and thrills…

Fortunately since then, my climbing and overall tree skills have gotten more sophisticated. I’ve acquired the training, experience, proficiency, and credentials to hold my on in the industry. 

Armed with a passion for tree care, eye for detail, and a commitment to excellence, Moran does tree work right. 



Improper pruning threatens the health, beauty and integrity of trees. Sadly, much of the quality, skill and even interest to 'do it right' is abandoned in the name of 'productivity' and money-making. At Moran Tree, whether it's a towering Oak or a humble Dogwood, your tree will get the respect and care it's due.



A helpful way to understand tree support is to imagine limbs supporting each other aloft. The cable (or other synthetic material) connects limbs that could be dozens of feet away, making them mutually supportive and reducing the risk of failure.


Nothing lasts forever...
Trees, like all organisms, go the way of all the earth. But how it goes out, matters.
Understanding the forces involved in rigging/roping, the range of equipment used, and the skill/technique executed, can make the difference between admiration from you the client, property damage, or even climber injury/fatality.


“Moran Tree was great! We were very impressed with the pruning of our big maple tree as well as our green giant evergreen and dogwood. Aaron seems very knowledgeable and he and his assistant were hardworking and did the job in an efficient and skilled manner. And Aaron is the nicest guy! You just know he is honest, hardworking and it’s what he loves. Will definitely use Moran Tree again!”
Dawn F.
“Aaron is knowledgeable and easy to work with. He trimmed and shaped our Crape Myrtles in our front yard. He took his time and did a great job. He also checked if the trees needed any other care and gave me tips on maintenance. Highly recommend his services.“
Divya G.
"Big big shout out to Aaron from Moran Tree for rescuing my cat this afternoon. He was amazing, proficiently roped 35’ up a tree that Dusty has been stuck in for two days. Can’t thank him enough!!"
Simone O.


Don’t settle for low-level tree guys who thrive off a customer’s ignorance and do suspect work. Go with a real expert who’s committed to integrity and loves the trees he cares for.